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Author, journalist and wanton killer of his characters in four novels and counting

Reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road," but with more depth and much more suspenseful, "Nine Meals" is going to delight both fans and non-fans of the genre. - New York Book Pundit Anyone who loves smart apocalyptic fiction will be in their glory with Nine Meals. - Amazon reader This is not a science fiction story but a very believable future biography of our world. I highly recommend this story, especially if you are a fan of George Orwell. - Amazon customer Highly original and extremely engaging at the get-go, Mike Kilroy's The 17 is perhaps one of the most entertaining, well-crafted books I've read in months - New York Book Pundit Full of ingenious plot twists and unexpected events, this is a science fiction/fantasy about young adult romance that adults will find thrilling, compelling and constantly surprising. - Readers + Writers Journal Mike Kilroy has done it again. The 17 is an amazing adventure with twists and turns that keep you reading with baited breath. - Amazon reader